When we lead by defending our Constitution, Protecting our Children, Our Community Thrives!

My personal beliefs are just that, my own. I am a strong Christian conservative who wishes only the best for my family, friends, and all neighbors. I stand shoulder to shoulder with those who serve our community on the front lines. As Mayor, I will support those who willingly get up every day to protect our communities, city, and country. I will stand with those who serve to defend all lives, including the unborn.


Making Decisions Based on Protecting Our Constitutional Rights as Americans

Making the City of Tulsa one of the most desirable cities to live and raise a family!

Protecting Our Children from Child-Sex Trafficking and Crimes Against Humanity.

Common-Sense & Conservative Leadership Design to Preserve Our American Values!
Learn about the Tulsa District Candidates, Spread The Word, and Vote!

District 1

Tulsa City District A Player Candidate

Jerry Goodwin

It’s our time… Our community has gone too long without access to what so many other districts have and receive. We need leadership that can forge relationships across the city and rebuilds our community to serve all of its residents. I plan to do that when elected to City Council for District 1,” said Goodwin. Read more

District 4

Casey Robinson Tulsa District 4 A Player Candidate

Casey Robinson

Now, Casey wants to transfer that sense of energy to the City of Tulsa and fight for Tulsa values, recruit good jobs to Tulsa, and help heal our City, uniting together with a common good of bettering Tulsans way of life. Casey believes that as the saying goes, “United we stand. Divided we fall.” Now is the time to bring the city together through open communication and transparency in all government operations. Read More

District 5

Cass Fahler Tulsa District 5, A Team Player

Cass Fahler

Connection to the community and a desire to give back is what inspired Councilor Fahler to run for office. While on the City Council, he has worked to improve property maintenance issues and help citizens set up neighborhood associations. He meets regularly with all District 5 Neighborhood Associations discussing strategies and initiatives to address crime and other issues. An ardent supporter of public safety, Fahler has participated in more than a dozen police ride-along. He also serves on the Citizen Action Group for the Mingo Valley Division of the Tulsa Police Department. The group works with police officers to take a proactive approach to reduce crime and improving the quality of life in the community.

“I’m honored to be able to represent and serve the citizens of Tulsa,” Councilor Fahler said. “I’m excited to work alongside our leaders and neighbors to continue Tulsa’s forward progress and to build a safe and prosperous community.” Read More

District 6

Christian Bengal Tulsa District 6

Christian Bengal

I’m not a career politician. I’ve served my country since 1986 first in the U.S. Army and then as a Deputy for the Tulsa County Sheriff’s office.

I’m running for Tulsa City Council to show my love for this country in a new way. I will bring integrity, conservative values, patriotism, and love for Tulsa to our local government. Read More

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District 7

Chad Ferguson Tulsa District 7, Tulsa A Team Player

Chad Ferguson

“I was raised to not let excuses get in the way of anything. This is the same approach I’ll take as a city councilor — because perseverance is the key to our success. Whether it’s public safety, streets or schools, I will ensure that we get it done.”— Chad Ferguson

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District 9

Jayme Fowler Tulsa District 9, Tulsa A Player

Jayme Fowler

Jayme wants to use his business experience to get government out of the way. In doing so, he wants to make Tulsa’s economy even more diverse, inclusive, and vibrant by not only attracting talent and businesses from across the nation but from around the world. As a businessman, Jayme deeply understands we are a society built on the just and prudent rule of law. As a strong proponent of fiscal responsibility, Jayme will have sound judgment in decision making. Jayme believes we need more pragmatic leadership in City Hall. Protecting and ensuring the prosperity of Tulsa’s vibrant neighborhoods by uplifting communities is of prime concern. Jayme is dedicated to making data-driven decisions as your City Councilor. Read More

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