Ken Reddick is running to find common-sense solutions to the problems facing the City of Tulsa.

Cutting Taxes

I believe it to be unethical for any city to apply a sales tax to the necessities of every family. Hard working mothers and fathers should not have to consider how much of their hard-earned money be given to the government coffers while providing food for their families. I know it’s hard to fund a city through sales tax dollars. But it’s immoral for that city to apply a tax to food and groceries. As your next Mayor, I will move to repeal the city’s sales tax on food and groceries. As Mayor of Tulsa I will find new, more diversified ways to better fund out city. Ways that will not burden our hard working families.

Building Coalitions

As a certified project manager, I have learned it is important to build relationships to accomplish common goals. As Mayor I will reach out to all the institutions of Tulsa to build partnerships. We will work together to achieve goals, decrease crime and build stronger communities. We will build new coalitions with our city’s churches, businesses and neighbors. Tulsa will have safer streets, schools and neighborhoods.

Better Schools

The Tulsa metro area is known for its achievements in education. Tulsa City Hall should do more to help Tulsa Public Schools achieve their goals of producing elite students. As Mayor of Tulsa I will work with educators to find ways our city can help alleviate the burdens of funding the classroom. Tulsa will be a leader in education and our students will set the pace for our metro area. We will create grant programs for under performing schools. We will address the issues directly, case by case. I understand that problems in the home can lead to a poor performance in the classroom. Our administration will partner with TPS to help solve those problems.

Safer Neighborhoods

Tulsa has many resources outside of policing that can help fight crime in our communities. As Mayor I will develop a task force that will go out and engage our most troubled neighborhoods. We will educate our neighbors on how they can better protect themselves and safeguard their homes. Tulsa must do better to fight crime. Our citizens deserve to have safe streets and parks where kids can play, and parents can feel safe raising their families. I will sit down with our churches and the stakeholders in every community to help push back against those who wish to destroy our beautiful city.

Supporting Our City’s Finest

Tulsa is blessed to have a great police force and firefighters that put their lives on the line to protect the citizens of this city every day. Our police department deserves to know that their Mayor and City Hall fully support them and will stand behind them. As Mayor I will put an end to any discussion of creating an OIM. Mayor Bynum’s oversight committee is meant to undermine our police department and internal affairs. We are blessed to have a police force that excels on a national level and strives to serve our communities.

Our firefighters need to know that we are thankful for their sacrifice and will provide them the long-term care they deserve.

A City that Thrives

As Mayor, Tulsa will lead an effort across the entire metro area to streamline the permitting process. We will be the most friendly small business region in Oklahoma. I will work with surrounding municipalities to help create a more universal system, removing the many roadblocks our businesses run into when trying to operate across the entire metro. Tulsa will also work to create a safer city for consumers. We will create a background check permitting process for contractors and other similar trades who wish to do business in the city of Tulsa. The days of the “fly by night” contractor will come to and end.