About KEN

I love Tulsa. I was born and raised in East Tulsa.

Tulsa is our home and it is where we want to raise our children. We will work hard everyday to make this city safe for every family and business.

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Ken Reddick is running to find common-sense solutions to the problems facing the City of Tulsa.

Cutting Taxes

I believe it to be unethical for any city to apply a sales tax to the necessities of every family. Hard working mothers and fathers should not have to consider how much of their hard-earned money is given to the government coffers while providing food for their families. I know it’s hard to fund a city through sales tax dollars, but it is immoral for that city to apply a tax to food and groceries. As your next Mayor, I will push to repeal the city’s portion of sales tax on groceries.

Building Coalitions

As a certified project manager, I know it is important to build relationships to accomplish common goals. As Mayor I will reach out to all the institutions of Tulsa to build partnerships. We will work together to achieve goals, decrease crime and build stronger communities. We will create a coalition designed to reach out and organize with Tulsa’s stakeholders. We will implement policies and practices designed for long lasting positive results from OneCOP and the Ten Point Coalition.

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