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Tulsa is our home...

    I was born and raised in East Tulsa. As one of eight children, the institution of family was instilled in me from birth. Going to church was our favorite thing to do as a family. We were fortunate to have a great church in Garnett Church of Christ.
     My father was the hardest-working and most resourceful man I’ve ever known. He was a self-made man – an engineer for Sunoco, The Rooney Company, and lastly for the Tulsa World. His only hobbies were fishing and family. My mother is a reserved woman who loves God. The only thing she ever required of us children was that we loved our siblings and realized just how lucky we were to have each other.
    Today I am blessed to be the husband of the most loving wife and father to two of the most imaginative children. I am a Christian Conservative who loves my city, my state, and my country. In every decision, my family is the most important factor. I will fight for your family and work every day to help improve your standard of living.
    Professionally, I am a Certified Project Manager and a small business owner. Before becoming a general contractor, I was a department supervisor for a PSO/AEP Contractor. For the last ten years I have worked with the University of Tulsa and the Physical Plant. As of last summer, I took the leap and became self-employed when I founded Clean Slate Contracting LLC and Tulsa Fence & Roofing Company. I now manage projects for other contractors and specialize in streamlining their processes by removing waste and creating efficiencies. I have also spent the last ten years seeking out specific special training to gain knowledge in many related fields. This training has made me very proficient in the management of utilities, energy, and electrical
    I have achieved much along the way, such as Presidential Honor Rolls, national certifications, and other recognition for my work. Education has always been a passion of mine. I would like to make it the most important priority of my administration. I was lucky to have a grandmother that took the time to show me things and enlighten me on many issues. She taught me that government is accountable to the people and was created to both protect the rights of and serve its people. As your next mayor I will lead the way and return our city to being a servant of the people.
    My personal beliefs are just that, my own. I am a strong Christian conservative who wishes only the best for my family, friends and all neighbors. I stand shoulder to shoulder with those who serve our community on the front lines. As Mayor I will support those who willingly get up everyday to protect our communities, city and country. I will stand with those who serve to defend all lives, including the unborn.
Ken Reddick For Tulsa Mayor